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Group Rides

Club rides are usually on a Saturday morning and we meet at The Jennings Building in Porthcawl. We normally try to organise four routes, so we have something to offer all members. Our club rides are not coached sessions but we will try to ensure club activators coaches are present across all the rides every week.

Saturday rides are classed as endurance rides and no one will ever get left behind. All groups are ‘no drop’ groups, meaning we re-group regularly if we get separated (e.g. at the top of significant climbs) and no one gets left at the roadside with a mechanical. We actively encourage group riding, riding in rows of two, side by side in a pack. This is the safest & most efficient way to ride as a group.

Before you come on a club ride, please have a chat with one of our coaches about the level of fitness and technical ability required. Our aim is for you to ride in the group that matches your ability. It is your responsibility to determine the appropriate group for you to ride with but, if you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our coaches for help. The groups below will give you an idea of the average speeds of each group & what to expect. Communication & signalling are really important and this is something we will be working on as a club to make our club rides as safe as possible. Please visit the Riding Etiquette page to learn more.


Routes are generally flat with a few rolling hills. You should be able to ride 30 miles non stop at 13 mph. You should be confident riding on the road & you should have a good understanding of the highway code.


Routes are usually between 40 to 50 miles. Dolphins should also have a good understanding of bike roadside maintenance, signalling & communication. Riders should be used to riding in a group and are comfortable taking a turn on the front. You should expect a variety of routes, climbing & descent


Shark riders should have a good level of fitness & be experienced bike handlers. Members should be efficient at signalling & riding in a group. Good communication between the group at all times. Routes will be 50 miles plus and will tackle all routes

Important Information

Bike Checklist

- Prepare bike and kit the night before

- Before you set off M-Check (Video)

- Check tyre pressures before each ride

- Check brake blocks & levers

- Check tyres for damage & wear

- Rear light is charged & working

What to Wear

- Helmet

- Glasses

- Bib shorts & cycle top

- Clothing specific to the weather e.g. waterproof & windproof jackets in winter & good winter gloves

What to Bring

- Spare Tube & tyre levers

- Pump or CO2 bike tyre inflator

- Mobile phone

- Drink - water or energy drink

- Food - energy bars, bananas, gels

- Rain jacket

- Money for coffee and cake

If you have any questions please get in touch via email or social media

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